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Best Story Books for Children India 2020

Best Story Books for Children


Make Reading Story books to our children is the best step to make our child Smart

In India it is important that our children to speak English but

it is also important that our child should know our Hindi language which is a national language

We got the best collections of Story books for children in Hindi and also in English


Reading story books makes your child more curious about

what next is going to happen and it make your child to think

Which helps your child to boosting their IQ level

Reading story books also helps your child to improve their verbal skills

Which makes them more clever.


Why Reading is Important in daily life

All the Children are open minded what they will see and also what they will get as knowledge by their parents will affect their life

what they see they do and also what you will teach to your child is most important thing in their life because what you do your child

will also do the same so getting the habit of reading in your children life at very small age will be the good step

to make their future clear and enjoyable.


Books always helps child to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong so the child get knowledge about all

this things early at the age then it will be better

book helps children to make a clear vision it gives confident to the child.


We have the best collection of story books for your kids in Hindi that are given below

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for story books in English click the link below.

Best Story Books for Kids in English


Top Best Collection of Story Books for Children in Hindi


1} Witty Tales in Hindi (Set of 5 Story books for Kids) with Colorful Pictures and 90 Morals



Best Story Books for Children

The best collection of story books for your children of witty tales

It comes with 5 different types of stories which can make your child life more effective

because of the lesson given by these books are most famous in our country.

it can be suitable for any of the age above 5 because of morals that given in these books

shows your child a difference between right and wrong.

It has most famous stories set like Tenali Rama, vikram Betaal, Akbar and Birbal, Arabian nights and Mullah Nasruddin.


2} Best Forever Classic 3 Collection (set of 3 Fairy Tales Books with Colorful Pictures)


Best Story Books for Children


These is the best Collection of forever classic books which is most famous books of fairy tales for children above 5 years to 10

While reading the books of fairy tails your children will develop a best imaginations skills which is very important for every child

nowadays children can’t imagine anything they just go behind what others people say to them

skill of imagination is very important for every child and these fairy tales is the best examples for imagination

these series helps to capture the interest of the children which also makes them understood and encourage

them to design their own imagination.


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3} Best Story Books (Hindi Kahaniya with 2 set of story books)

Best Story Books for Children


It contain 2 sets of books which contains famous stories scince many year by dadaji and dadiji’s

Best story series for the children to captivate the mind for young imaginative childrens

It can be read by 5 years and above chidren upto 10 years of children

the stories of the book serves to captures the interest of the child and also help them to understand and encourage them.




4} Best Panchatantra Ki Lokpriya Kahaniya in Hindi

Panchatantra Stories


These is the best and famous stories books since many year named as Panchtantra ki kahaniyan

which helps your child to learn many thing in these books it helps building their best imagination skills and learning skills very fast

the stories helps child to know the difference between right and wrong what to do it helps your child a best decision maker

it can be learn by 3 years of child to 10 to 12 years because of it’s attractive and beautiful illustration of books.


5} Moral Stories by Aesop Fables (with Set of 20 Books) in Hindi with Morals

Story for Kid


These is the collection of Aesop Fables Books which comes with 20 set of books and also it is the most powerful books for kids

it gives best moral values to our children with many stories which helps your child to make a habit of reading with full enjoyment

author of these books has described all the stories into very simple and also in a clear language

Best for 3 to 10 years age of child.

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