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Best Story Books for Kids India 2020

Best Story Books for Kids India 2020


Why Books are Important for Kids ?

Story Books are easy and simple for kids to Read as well as the story books are always gives a good lesson

which helps your child to grow their knowledge and also these story books are informative.

Every stories in the books have a moral that makes your child more clear and more confident

because of getting habit of reading books in early age their thinking level increases

which makes your child different from another.


Benefits of Reading Story Books for Children

  • Reading books everyday improves children concentration level.
  • Reading books helps child to increase their IQ level.
  • It improves knowledge and also gives information.
  • Brain exercises are done while reading books everyday.
  • It improves your child thinking skills.
  • They got interaction with new words at very small age so it helps to make them intelligent.
  • It enhances imagination.
  • Your child will always be a top ranker in schools.
  • Reading books increases verbal skills and also reading skills.


Types of Books

Their are many different types of books like Action and Adventure, Classic, Comic, stories and etc.

but for children most important books are stories books which always keep them attracted towards the books

because of their unforgettable stories and also with their eye catching pictures which not only give knowledge to you child

but it also helps your child to enjoy every part of the stories.

Top 6 Story Books for Kids in English

1} Moral Tales from Pancharatna: Timeless stories for Kids

Kids Learning Books


It is best for 5 to 12 years children.

It comes with timeless stories of panchatantra.

This is the best collection of books for children with moral stories.

Every child loves to read these books with attractive pictures which give the best moral in every lesson

Best for increasing your child knowledge and concentration level.

The moral Stories from Panchatantra is a wonderful collection of six tales.

That aim to guide the young readers about the wise conduct of life.

Understanding human nature and attaining success in life.


2} 101 Animal Stories for Children

Kids Learning Books


101 Animal stories books is the another best learning books for kids and also enjoying each and every words of the book.

Best for 5 to 12 years children.

Books features zoological gardens of animal like crocodiles, bears, fish, wolves, lions, tigers, monkeys and more.

It always delight your children with their exciting tricks and adventures.

Each story woven a simple language and supported with stately illustrations imparts valuable life-lessons.

It comes with different moral stories that gives your child a valuable lesson.


3} Best Moral Stories for Children in Set of 20 Books

Story Books for Kids


These is the best moral story books for kids and also it is easy to read

It comes with 20 different books sets with unique collection of moral stories

These stories are most famous stories that everyone has learnt or reads in their childhood

Stories like a clever fox, a lazy donkey, tit for tat and etc also their is many different types of stories in these set of books

Attractive and also beautiful explanation for a your small child so they can enjoy while reading a book

It have different types of morals which helps your child to gain a knowledge and also helps to improve their verbal skills.


4} Blossom Story Books for Kids – 31 Stories with Moral

Story Books for Kids


Blossom stories for kids plays a major role in the growth and also development of child’s mental health

Best stories like the lazy king, the cat and fox their are many different types of attractive stories with morals

Stories offer a great platform for children to get familiar with reading as well as build their language and their creativity

These books is prefer to the 5 years of age children and above upto 10 years

Stories comes with attractive pictures and also it comes with morals which can give your child a good lesson.


5} Aesop’s Fables (My Jumbo Book) Best for Kids

best Stories


These book is also a value-building with fascinating world of fables

These book is highly recommended for the young child above 5 years old to 12 years old

Aesop fable also get the most attractive stories like The Lion and The Mouse, Bundle of Sticks, The Lamp and many more stories for kids

Your child will always interact with different types of new words as well as new morals which can make your child intelligent

Once your child get started to reading this book then they will easily get stick to these book.


6} Forever Classic (Set of 20 Fairy Tails with colorful Pictures)

Fairy Tail stories


The books of fairy tails are all time favorite stories of the children

It will be a best book for your child because of it’s always introduces new words and also a magic to stick your child into it

Fairy tails are most famous stories and also it is favorite stories of children like Aladdin, Sleeping beauty and etc.

Rich beautiful and also a mesmerizing tales which aims is to get stick your child minds to these stories which helps your child to increase their thinking level

The series serves to capture the interests of the child also makes them understand and encourages them to design their own imagination.



These are the best story books for children also for increasing their level of thinking

we are coming up with best more books for children in few days meanwhile till that you can get all these books

for your child so that they can start learning now and get growing faster by mind.

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